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Digital Clinic for Remote Location
Telemedicine enabled EHRs
Send Patients Vitals instantly to
Doctors/Clinic for immediate
Tele/Video Consultation
Digital Clinic
Remote Clinic
Specialty Specific EHRs
Supply Chain Management
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Welcome to Global Products

Global Products is a company focused on healthcare IT solutions. With a mission to enable affordable healthcare through technology we have developed several solutions to achieve our mission. Our experience of developing healthcare solutions for hospitals for a chain of government hospitals gave us the insight to design Electronic Health Records and Practice management solution- MURx.
Healthcare practices for different specialties requires clinical processes specific to each specialty. Understanding the need of various specialties Global Products have customized MURx and made versions of MURx for different specialties.
We localize our products to the requirements of each country making our products Globally Local – ‘GLOCAL’.
Why iHomecare?

Telemedicine enabled EHRs

Patient Vitals Seen By The Doctor In A Distant Hospital For Tele/Video Call Consultation.

iHomecare for Remote Care

Enables a nurse in a hospital or a homecare environment to use iPad/iPhone or Android Tablet/Smartphone to capture patient vitals using iHealth or Bluetooth enabled medical devices.

The vitals can be sent instantly to the respective doctor or doctors where the doctor will be presented a dashboard with the newly captured vitals and patient history from the EHR to take medical action and give Tele-video consultation, if required.

Eliminates the effort to enter the vitals in a computer or write them on a paper.

Specialty Specific EHRs

Collaboration between providers and EHR companies on specialty-specific EHR functionality can improve patient care on a much larger scale.
Specialty EHR Products Tied to Highest Physician Satisfaction.
Specialty-specific EHR enables urgent care group to slash patient throughput time.

Hospital Inventory / Supply Chain Management

  • Incorporates workflow for purchase , stores and ward-dispensing.
  • Captures transactions using 2D bar code at the point of service.
  • Attractive business model-subscription based on transactions volumes.
  • Cloud based option for small or community hospitals.
  • Portal for suplliers to replenish stock.
  • Vendor analysis and evalution models.
  • Supply chain management for distributers

Our Products Demo

Hospital Supply Chain and Inventory
Digital Clinic Software Video
New MURx Demo Video

Why Choose Our Firm

Excellent Track Record

With a focus on the growing need of healthcare IT the company built software products in healthcare IT domain. The company has developed a custom hospital information system for a chain of hospitals in south-east Asia. The system is currently being implemented at more than 100 hospitals.

Making Healthcare Affordable

With the mission of enabling affordable healthcare services using technology. The company has developed solutions using technologies which would help enable affordable healthcare services to the under privileged and remote population. The solutions are priced to make them affordable even in developing countries.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The company provides videos to train the users in using their products.Local support is provided to ensure customer satisfaction. Solutions are customized for local requirements of each counytry making them globally local products or ‘Glocal Products’

Our Practice Areas

MURx for Ophthalmologists

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MURx for General Practice

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MURx for Orthopedics

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MURx for Ayurvedic Practice

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Digital Clinic

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Homecare/ Telemedicine

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