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Enabling affordable HealthCare service using technology

Business Description

The company focuses on developing healthcare IT software and making them affordable for all practices and hospitals. The solutions are focused on enabling affordable healthcare service – globally.Increasing patients safety and reducing healthcare cost in hospitals and clinics. The company envisages developing more software solutions in healthcare IT domain.
The products Digital Clinic and iHomecare strive to use technology to reduce healthcare costs. The product MURx is ONC-2014 Certified in USA. Speciality EHR is designed for Ophthalmologists. MedLocker allows people to store their medical records in a safe custody and electronically. MedSuppy is the Supply Chain Management software for hospitals/clinics and pharma distributors

Company Background

The company formed by a software professional with global experience in providing software services. The founder formed a group of professionals with experience in healthcare IT. With a focus on the growing need of healthcare IT the team built software products in healthcare IT domain. The company has developed a custom hospital information system for a chain of hospitals in south-east Asia. The system is currently being implemented at more than 100 hospitals .


The products are developed on Open Source platform and using a framework that enables the products to adapts its User Interface on iPad and Android platform . The products are available on Windows, Unix/Linux, iOS and Android platform. Use of Open Source database reduces dependency on any proprietary database and also helps keep the cost low.