Technology enabling healthcare service to the remote and underserved population

Technology Helping Delivery of Healthcare Services in Remote Areas

Global Products introduces their innovative technology based solution to bring medical services to the remote and underserved population. Our Digital Clinic enables care givers in the remote and underserved areas to capture patient vitals using a Tablet or a laptop and trasder them to the physician, who ia remotely providing telemedicine from a hospital or clinic.Digital Clinic comprises of medical devices and our software solution. We have a solution which can capture vitals directly from devices for

  • ECG
  • Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
In remote and rural areas medical facilities are minimal and lack professional medical staff – doctors/physicians
For medical checkups the patients are required to be transported to the city hospital
Digital Clinic helps remote and rural population get medical services without having to travel to cities to city medical facilities using technologies- Bluetooth, internet & Digital Clinic solution from Global Products
This could delay in vital medical treatment which could be fatal

Our Devices are Compact and Can be Enclosed in a Bag for Ease of Carrying for Medical Service Providers in Remote Areas


Patient Vitals are captured from the digital medical devices – ECG, Spirometer, Oximeter, Glucometer, Thermometer by the Digital Clinic solution and transferred over the internet to the city medical center where the doctors can view the patient vitals on their computer and give the patient telephone consultation using the dashboard provided by the Digital Clinic solution. The dashboard has Skype TM interface so the doctor can give video consultation too The Digital Clinic has several devices connected to the Digital clinic solution which transfers the patient vitals to the doctors in the city hospital who can see the vitals on a dashboard and give consultation