Glocal Products LLC

MedSupply - Supply Chain Management for Hospitals

Why MedSupply

  • Incorporates workflow for purchase , stores and ward-dispensing.
  • Captures transactions using 2D bar code at the point of service.
  • Attractive business model-subscription based on transactions volumes.
  • Cloud based option for small or community hospitals.
  • Portal for suplliers to replenish stock.
  • Vendor analysis and evalution models.
  • Supply chain management for distributers

Medsupply Features

  • Web based software
  • Connecting supplier (Distributor) to their clients (clinics/hospitals) using web
  • Enables suppliers to replenish stocks
  • Analytics to help supplier better serve the client
  • Reports of expired/recalled drugs
  • Inventory reports

Purchase Invoice

Supplier Quotation

Purchase Inquiry

Goods Receive Note

Inventory Request List