MURx – Electronic Health Records Software for Orthopedic

MURx is designed to help orthopedic doctors in documenting and saving clinical data for a patient along with the patient’s x-ray and images.
Our software has inbuilt image editor for the doctor to markup the x-ray and images captured to write clinical notes on the x-ray or image. This will give details about the orthopedic problem.
The software helps the doctor to reduce the time to document clinical findings and store/retrieve x-ray and images associated with the clinical diagnosis of the orthopedic problem. Our software aims at increasing the productivity of the doctor so that the doctor can spend more time with the patient.

Modules of MURx

Modules of MURx Features
Patient Registration

Vital Sign Charts

Appointment Scheduling

Chief Complaints (SNOMED-CT)

Patient Visit & History

Diagnosis (SNOMED-CT)

Patient Charts

Allergy Recording

Result Reporting



Lab Orders and Radiology Orders


SOAP Notes

Adverse Drug Reaction Alerts

Clinical Templates

Referral Management

Growth Charts

Apart from taking appointments and patient information before the encounter MURx presents

Global Products MURx

Complete Software Suite

Global Product’s MURx is a complete software suite that supports Practice Management, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and a Patient Portal System (PPS) which caters end to end needs of Practice and works seamlessly with the iHomeCare suite to give a complete solution for homecare providers.


Schedules homecare providers for patient visit.


Captures patient demographics, vitals, allergies, diagnoses using ICD-10 codes, lab results. Clinical documentation of the patient, e-prescription, drug interaction alerts. Templates for clinical notes.

Patient Clinical Documentation & MURx

  • Clinical Document of a patient will be generated in xslt format.
  • HL7 coding standards followed for the document.
  • ICD code used for Diagnosis.
  • Data can be easily transferred between HL7 complaint systems.
  • Provides complete information to the referral doctor.
  • Base for insurance claims

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