MURx Clinical Charting Features

Patient Clinical Documentation & MURx

  • Clinical Document of a patient will be generated in xslt format.
  • HL7 coding standards followed for the document
  • ICD code used for Diagnosis.
  • Data can be easily transferred between HL7 complaint systems.
  • Provides complete information to the referral doctor.
  • Base for insurance claim

Clinical Documentation For Home care

  • Outcome & Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Outcome and Assessment Information Sat (ONilSJ).
  • Document asper OASIS2015 specification.
  • ICD-9CM Code Set followed.
  • Complete Clinical documentation for Home Core patients
  • Secure access for updcrting the document on Portal.
  • Clinical Documen!alion for Cancer Registries
  • Clinical Document aeated in HL7 prescribed format.
  • Document can be submitted online to central cancer registries.

Patient Cllnical Document Contents

1 Allergies, Adverse Reactions, Alerts
2 Medications
3 Problems
4 Procedures
5 Results
6 Advance Directives
7 Encounters
8 Family History
9 Immunizations
10 Medical Equipment
11 Insurance Providers
12 Plan of Care
13 Social History
14 Vital Signs

MURx Modules

Patient Registration Appointment Scheduling Visit Management
Order Entry & Reporting E-Prescribing Clinical Decision Support
Drug Interaction & Adverse Drug Reactions Clinical Notes & Template Builder Referral Management
Insurance / Cash Billing and Customized Reports MURx Patient Chart Vital Signs & Growth Chart
Problems & Diagnosis Allergy List Patient History